Committee Members

As it once was?

Committee 1

  •  The current Steering Committee:

    Paul Violet, Waltham Abbey LINK. (Chairman)
    Tony O’Connor, Epping Forest District Museum (Deputy Chairman)
    Diana Bensted, elected resident. (Treasurer)
    Richard Walters, The Abbey Church, Waltham Abbey (Publicity Officer)
    Royal Gunpowder Mills, Secret Island
    Lee Valley Regional Park
    Tricia Gurnett, King Harold Day and other history events
    Cllr Helen Kane, Epping Forest District Council
    Cllr Jeane Lea, Epping Forest District Council.
    Kathryn Richmond, Town Clerk, Waltham Abbey Town Council
    Waltham Abbey Historical Society
    The Rev’d Peter Smith, The Abbey Church, Waltham Abbey

We have moved on!


The make-up of the committee is listed in the Constitution, thus ensuring a cross section of community, civic and commercial representation. The individuals or organisations making up the committee is changed from time to time, to reflect the current situation.