TownCrierWATP is a forum for all local businesses to gather and spread information, express a view about our town, and most importantly to work together for the benefit of all.

This website is the way to exchange news, to promote businesses, share in each other’s successes, have immediate access to each other, and to have first-hand news on matters of interest.

Here you can find details of our activities and those of other organisations, of which there are many!

We aim to arrange regular gatherings (either 8.00am Breakfast Meetings -dubbed B4B4WA , or 6.00pm After Work Tea and Cake Meetings – AWT4WA).

We are delighted to welcome everyone to browse the ever changing WATP site, but we still hope to maintain personal contact with all local businesses, thus helping to create and maintain our desire to work closely together.


Of course, the success of your business matters most to you, but it also contributes to the economy and well-being of our town, and so every business very important to us all.


Please sign up for the newsletter about what’s going on in Waltham Abbey, or if you are local please join as a member and get involved!