What is Waltham Abbey Town Partnership

WATP Wax SealWaltham Abbey Town Partnership (WATP) is a voluntary organization, set up by Epping Forest District Council, which works in partnership with business, residents and local government to improve the economy and prosperity of Waltham Abbey.

Membership is open to all residents and business people who are interested in the promotion of the town’s economy and all are invited to the AGM in September each year. To keep abreast of the town news, you are invited to register for membership.

A Steering Committee administers the day-to-day business of WATP and special projects are considered, separately, in sub-committees.     These include “Tourism” and “Events” sub-committees.

There is no charge to register for ordinary membership.  All registered members will receive an electronic newsletter that will include news about businesses, an invitation to participate in all our events, and information and advice on topics of current interest.

However there is a further category of membership that is open to business owners and which is new in 2016.  There is a very small annual charge for this Business Membership category, which has benefits for all.

Business Membership is acknowledged by the issue of a small Membership Certificate, which may be prominently placed on the business premises. Along with membership comes a pledge from the business owner!  That pledge is to ensure that every customer receives exemplary service, such that the Waltham Abbey Experience (WAE) will be spoken of long after the customer has left the premises and returned home.

The member business will be regularly mentioned on line and in issued missives, and will have the opportunity to be featured on our website Spotlight page.  It will be those businesses that display their willingness to be part of the WAE that will be the favoured choice of customers.  By indicating your desire to be a part of what the Town is trying to achieve, you will display to customers that you are there to serve them, and that will be both appreciated and spoken about.  Everyone wins!

The Waltham Abbey Town Partnership exists in order to assist in the growth and development of our town.  By working together this can be achieved!

2015-11-28 13.02.362015-11-28 13.43.34  Perhaps an extreme example of togetherness, but the idea is sound!