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With the new emphasis on the development of Waltham Abbey, with the guiding support of EFDC, now is an exiting time for our town. There are a lot of activities and initiatives currently being undertaken and discussed, and it’s the perfect time for us all to make ourselves busy and […]

A new beginning.

Annual Pancake races on Shrove Tuesday March 5th.  Sun Street. Business races begin at 10am, then the little ones, followed by parents and carers. Everything provided.  Winner’s cups presented by the Mayor. Come along and join in, or just watch and cheer!  

Pancake Races

At the recent Waltham Abbey ‘event’ in the Town Hall, we had, among other activities, a Colouring Competition. The subject was the Abbey Church, and the page will be one of the 24 that will figure in the up-coming Waltham Abbey Colouring Book. We have pleasure in announcing the winner is […]

Colouring Competition!

Shrove Tuesday – 13th February, see this year’s races. We have distributed information to all local primary and nursery schools, and to most businesses around the ‘course’. If you are a business and have not yet received details and an application form, don’t worry!  Either they will be comiing or, […]

Pancake Races!

Once again we are so grateful to all the shop owners who have so beautifully decorated their premises for the Christmas Season. It would be good if we could award prizes to everyone who participated, as all the efforts were worthy of some note. The mayor, Cllr Michael Fitch, accompanied […]

Christmas Windows

We are getting close! The project should be starting this month (November), so our all spanking new signage will be in by Christmas! Things do drag on, but hopefully the approval rating will be worth the wait. Once this is complete we will be looking at phase two, where more […]

Wayfinding latest

How long things take! The hurdles over which we must jump are many, but jumping them we are, and little by little the required authorities are being obtained. There is hope that we will actually see the commencement of the finger posts this year! Once that is completed we can […]


After some years of negotiation, meetings, debate, opinion and discussion the Town Centre Wayfinding Project is close to creation. Model Signage Solutions have created an agreed design, and the Wayfinding committee has agreed locations for some 15 fingerposts, all designed to enhance the visitor experience. This is part of the […]

Wayfinding Project

  On Tuesday 28th March we were hosted by Sean at The Gatehouse Cafe for our most recent B4B4WA (Breakfast for Business for Waltham Abbey). Both he and Jo worked hard to provide the 15 atendees with an excellent and substantail breakfast. There were representatives of local business (shops, factories […]

Business Breakfast