Waltham Abbey Town Partnership (WATP) is a voluntary organisation, set up by Epping Forest District Council, which works in partnership with business, residents and local government at all levels, to improve the economy and prosperity of Waltham Abbey.

Membership is open to all residents and business people who are interested in the promotion of the town’s economy and all are invited to the AGM in September/October each year. Everyone who works or lives in Waltham Abbey is accepted for membership.

A Steering Committee administers the day-to-day business of WATP and special projects are considered in sub-committees. These include “Tourism” and “Initiatives” sub-committees.

The Waltham Abbey Town Partnership exists in order to assist in the growth and development of our town. By working together this can be achieved.       

Here are some examples of the initiatives that the Partnership has variously initiated, completed, supported or delivered over the years:

Completion of the Meridian Mosaic in Sun Street.  Erection of new Finger Postdirection signs. Welcome signs at entrances to the town centre.  Waltham Abbey Colouring Book (available from Tourist Information and the Museum).  Annual Pancake RacesChristmas Window competition.  The Turkey Sandwich business thank you. Periodic Newsletters. 

We fully support other initiatives such as the Festival of Light, and are a member of the Town Team that also comprises a representative from Essex CC, EFDC, and WATC  

Our successful Tourism Sub Committee has been responsible for the award winning King Harold Day, as well as such events as the much enjoyed Art Trail.

On-going is a Heritage Trail, for which a sub-committee of local history experts has been working to create a further seven information boards that will explain the nearby sites and buildings, and their historical significance.

Now check out our LINKS page and you’ll never be in the dark as to what is going on locally!

We have a lot of things to be proud of, and the Partnership will always champion them all.

Perhaps extreme examples of togetherness, but the idea is sound!