Business Breakfast

  On Tuesday 28th March we were hosted by Sean at The Gatehouse Cafe for our most recent B4B4WA (Breakfast for Business for Waltham Abbey).

Both he and Jo worked hard to provide the 15 atendees with an excellent and substantail breakfast.

There were representatives of local business (shops, factories and market), councillors and LVRP present, all taking the opportunity to meet with others with local interests.  An informal opportunity to catch up with what the WATP have been involved with, as well as an opportunity to learn about each others’ plans and hopes.

Information was given about the newly created Meridian Line Moasaic, that will be formally ‘opened’ at a high profile ceremony in early May.

Also the soon to be started Wayfinding Project that will greatly enhance the visitor experience by clearly signing all areas of interest within the town.

Getting together means understanding each other, and that invariably leads to working together, and it is by working together that we move our Town forward.

Have you noticed the upgraded shop fronts?  The beginnings of a better ‘feel’ when walking through town?  The upbeat conversations?

All these things are happening, and that is because people are beginning to show that they care in tangible ways.  It’s the mission of the Town partnership to make this happen, and with the help and willingness of us all to get together, work together and move forward together, we will transform our lovely old town into one that lures visitors and seduces them to linger.

If you would like to be a little more involved in helping your town to develop, have yourself put on our mailing list.  Send your request to:  [email protected]

“Together we are strong”

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