1922.docxWe have a proud and long history in Waltham Abbey, and a lot more is currently happening than many people appreciate.

The selection of links below will lead you to some of the things that will help to demonstrate the fact that we live and/or work in a lively and active town.  We want to highlight this liveliness and these activities far and wide, and the best way to do that is to make everyone aware of what we have to offer, and spread the word!  Each of these organisations publish their latest events here, so check out this list and you’ll never be unaware of what’s going on!

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We Love Waltham Abbey:

WA Police History             

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King Harold’s Day:            

2007KingHarold1310 005knight

For fascinating facts about the last Saxon king of England, and MUCH more, see: 

Waltham Abbey in Pictures:

And take a look at Epping Forest District Council updates at:

2016-04-19 08.29.042007KingHarold1310 011And remember ‘Epping Forest District Museum’ in Sun Street (link is above), which is a ‘must visit’ attraction for both local residents and visitors alike.

WALTHAM ABBEY does buzz.  There is so much that deserves more than a passing glance.

(Various items can be bought at Waltham Abbey Market.)

Please Note: As we do not police the sites mentioned, we cannot confirm that the information contained is necessarily up to date.