Making it relevant!

Waltham Abbey Museum

It is clear that the businesses of Waltham Abbey accept the benefits of working together for a better Town experience. Equally clear is the part that the W.A. Town Partnership can play in that developing experience.

There will be new initiatives announced as they are rolled out, some of which were touched on at the recent T4B4WA in the EFD Museum.

Being a part of the WATP will become both relevant and beneficial, and we believe that the ‘partnership’ between business and WATP can be a catalyst for real and positive growth.

We have an immediate aim, and that is is gain the interest and involvement of the majority of local business owners.  Achieving that, arranging regular get-togethers, and learning about each other and each other’s business quite naturally creates links and opportunities.  This just happens!

Together is a powerful word when put into practice in a positive way, and it is the word we use in our strap line of ‘Together we are strong’.

So, we have a plea.  Tell everyone about WATP.  Help to make the Town develop by being a single and strong unit, rather than a whole host of individuals.

Every town centre is experiencing identical difficulties.  Many simply lie down and die.  We must not.  We must be the Town that finds a way.  Someone has to be the leader, so why not Waltham Abbey?

Onward and upward.

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