Waltham Abbey Town Partnership

Minutes of the Virtual Meeting held Tuesday February 9th. 2021

Present           Cllr. H.Kane,T.O’Connor, R.Walters, A.Crowley, D.Jackman, J.Law, D.Evans,S.Silver, C.Simpson, S.Silver, B.Elliott, M.Sheffield, D.Hodges, C.Tarrier.

Apologies      Rev. P.Smith

Paul Violet was in the Chair.

Minutes taken by Paula Violet.

Minutes  the January meeting Minutes were agreed.

Matters arising   Accounts to be audited.

  • Offer from David Jackman – to be explained at this meeting.      
  • Paul Messenger report to be distributed. 
  • Interim Meeting to be planned and take place.

Sub Committees

LVRP  The parks continue to be well used and are busy. Events have been planned ,but their implementation depends on the ending of lockdown. Talks are taking place with English Heritage who are keen to support initiatives in the area that are planned.

Museum Work continues on the development of the Community Hub in conjunction with the Library. Meetings are taking place with EFDC and plans for a Public consultation have begun. Festival of Culture has started . There was an excellent presentation by Peter Warner on wildlife at Copped Hall with an excellent standard of photography included in the presentation. The Visit Epping Forest website has had 1,000 hits investigating activities. A Photographic competition is being organised by the Cultural Well-Being team.

U3A There has been a Zoom meeting with a presentation by the Maritime Museum. 200 photographs have been selected for the Festival of Culture exhibition. Most members have had their COVID-19 vaccination.

Historical Society  Newsletter has been published.

Tourism  EFDC have indicated that they are also considering a Voucher scheme similar to the one being planned by WA. The Waltham Abbey project is on hold as the future of the retailers is uncertain.

Heritage Trail. A virtual meeting is planned for next week when it is hoped to make progress with the actual designs of the Boards. Francesca from EFDC is keen to support the project. and to discuss common ground with that planned for Epping.

Waltham Abbey Church  The Abbey Church remains closed to the public during the current lockdown. Provision of worship online continues as previously reported. The pre-recorded service for Candlemas (31st January) contained brief appearances by church members and community representatives.

Locality Fund  Paul issued a detailed email of the progress of this which he hoped the Committee had seen. The £3k has now been agreed to be used to have 7 Boards welcoming visitors to the Town. They will be attached to the Finger Boards in various locations. Paul shared an image of a Board. There was concern that the back of the Board is blank and should contain information. It was explained there will be little room for any information and the information would need to be maintained. Posters / leaflets could become untidy. Paul shared the list of suitable locations. It was emphasised the board must be only on tall posts for H&S reasons. It was felt that discussions could be had with the Marriott Hotel suggesting ways they could promote the Town to their visitors. A suggestion was made that a group should plan the detail of the Boards. Unfortunately, time is of the essence and decisions need to be made at this meeting. A selection of images was discussed but when a vote was taken the majority favoured just one image being used.  There was one dissention regarding the image of the Church being used, but this was overruled.  It was suggested that only 6 of the 7 Boards be sited with one kept as spare in case of damage. 

Paul asked the permission of the meeting for him to proceed with ordering the Boards and recommending their settings to Essex. The meeting unanimously agreed for Paul to proceed with Essex and Model.

Everything Epping Forest  David Jackman is developing a section on this site on Waltham Abbey. He wants to develop this ,but it is important for him  to be  sent current and relevant information. David shared the link with the Meeting.  https://cutt.ly/EverythingWalthamAbbey

EFDC / Waltham Abbey Enhancement Project  Paul suggested WATP could finance some of the initiatives within this project, from the monies held by EFDC on behalf of WATP. More Mosaics around the town was suggested with some of them celebrating historical Women of Waltham Abbey / the NHS / Aspects of the pandemic. As WATP should have a pivotal role in the Enhancement programme Paul felt it important a financial contribution is made. Cllr Kane emphasised the fund used must relate to its initial purpose.

AoB      Clive asked if anyone had seen the bright light in the sky due to the Corona discharge. A corona discharge is an electrical discharge caused by the ionization of a fluid such as air surrounding a conductor carrying a high voltage. It represents a local region where the air (or other fluid) has undergone electrical breakdown and become conductive, allowing charge to continuously leak off the conductor into the air.  Apparently only certain people can observe this!

Pancake Races  Unfortunately these cannot take place this year. It is especially disappointing as this year Shrove Tuesday falls in the half term week of schools.

Paul thanked everyone for attending the meeting.

Date of next meeting    Tuesday March 9th. 2021 9.30am