Action or inaction?   Strange how so much ‘goes on’ in Waltham Abbey yet is appears to many that nothing happens. We want to change that, so we’re on a mission! You may have seen on social media sites that I have a desire to have ALL groups, organisations, clubs, committees […]

Moving forward

It is clear that the businesses of Waltham Abbey accept the benefits of working together for a better Town experience. Equally clear is the part that the W.A. Town Partnership can play in that developing experience. There will be new initiatives announced as they are rolled out, some of which were […]

Making it relevant!

  A local business gathering. Following the B4B4WA (Breakfast for Business for Waltham Abbey in February, we had our first T4B4WA (Tea for Business for Waltham Abbey!) on 26th April. This took place at 6pm in the newly extended and re-furbished Epping Forest District Museum and was attended by 22 […]

A local business gathering.

Every town centre is suffering some sort of retail decline. Every town centre is under pressure from those who work and shop there. Every town centre bemoans the direction in which retail trade is moving. BUT NOT WALTHAM ABBEY! The Waltham Abbey Town Partnership has become the local flagship organisation […]

Waltham Abbey – On The Move

The Museum relaunch has been a great success during the course of the week, they had over 1500 visitors to the museum, who were all enthralled with the transformation of the building and the new offer. Some of you may have seen the musical interpretation of the launch ‘Museum on […]

Museum relaunch

Following the success of our Business breakfast we held an early evening meeting at the Community room in the newly refurbished Epping Forest District Museum, refreshments and networking  FREE for Waltham Abbey Businesses. The event was held on the 26th April.