Pancake Races!

Shrove Tuesday – 13th February, see this year’s races.

We have distributed information to all local primary and nursery schools, and to most businesses around the ‘course’.

If you are a business and have not yet received details and an application form, don’t worry!  Either they will be comiing or, if not, just come along at 10.30 on the 13th and you’ll be either a welcome watcher, or better still, competitor.

We have under 5’s races and right up to mums, dads and local businesses.  It’s just for fun, but has become a regular item on our annual calender, so do come along.

There has been one particular business owner who wins his race EVERY YEAR, so some other local businesses are gunning for him this year.

Come and witness the ‘showdown’!


  Some participants from a previous race.  I think they are about 18 now!

See you there………


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