Waltham Abbey – On The Move

Every town centre is suffering some sort of retail decline.

Every town centre is under pressure from those who work and shop there.

Every town centre bemoans the direction in which retail trade is moving.


The Waltham Abbey Town Partnership has become the local flagship organisation for forward thinking and onward development.

The aims and concept are simple yet effective. Every town centre has two options, bearing in mind that local authorities now have no control over who takes on available retail premises..

The two options are to complain and then fight each other for the available trade, or to work together in harmony and in the spirit of co-operation, creating a positive atmosphere and can-do attitude that permeates the whole town and those who frequent it.

Creating a town centre that everyone takes a pride in occupying, and in being a part of. Everyone doing what they can to put right what wrongs there may be. Fighting red tape with a passion to ensure that common sense prevails no matter how difficult that may appear to be.

It is amazing what can be achieved by combining all the energy that the owners of shops, factories, offices and services possess, and using that energy for the good of all, rather than the good of just a few.

And it has begun!


The Town Partnership has been a forum working on behalf of Waltham Abbey for many years. This year we have decided to review our core purpose in order to better take advantage of a range of opportunities and to move forward in an even more inclusive manner. The Town Partnership recently hosted its first Breakfast for Business of 2016 (named B4B4WA) at the Town Hall, and it worked!


A very good number of business owners came along, heard the message that was delivered, and started to get to know each other.

The understanding of this new collaborative approach was embraced and many people left with a promised determination to get on board. The positive reaction of many was all the encouragement that was needed to move this forward.

The next gathering of businesses will take place at the soon to be re-opened Epping Forest District Museum based here in Waltham Abbey, following its £2million expansion and redevelopment.

This will be an early evening event, in order to cater for those who are unable to make an early morning

At that meeting the facts about Waltham Abbey will be explained, as will the intentions of the Town Partnership. These intentions will be heard by many businesses for the first time, and they too will then join those who are already committed to making Waltham Abbey a place not only to visit but to linger and take in the many things that the town has to offer.

There is a real feeling of excitement in the town, and with the continued support of the Partnership committee, the civil authorities and the business owners, Waltham Abbey could become the standard for town centre development!

If you are a Waltham Abbey business owner and have not yet got on board with the new era of

co-operation, now is a perfect time to find out more. Everyone is welcome to be a part of this ‘movement’, so join in and do your bit to help the town and yourself to flourish in these challenging times.   If you are interested in finding out more about the Town Partnership why don’t you come along to one of our open Committee meetings at 9.15am on the second Tuesday of each month at the Town Hall Council Chamber?

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